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  • 5/27/11 - Added a new page for documents, such as meeting minutes and agendas.  Also, checkout the new QR Codes on the member contact page.
  • 5/7/11 - Added a new blog. Click on the link in the "Helpful Links" box above.
  • 5/6/11 - Photo gallery added to site.  Please email any photos you'd like to see on the gallery to 
Welcome to the home of the Dead Grape Society.  We are committed to the development, education and enjoyment of wine making and wine appreciation.  We are especially focused on the annual production of our own wines.  We buy grapes from local vineyards, and complete the vintning process ourselves in a fun group participation event.  

NOTICE: We are currently accepting new members.  If you would like more information about us, or would like to be considered for this exclusive club, please email If you'd like to review our by-laws, they are available here.


Please come back soon - we'll have updated photos and other content.  Please let Ron know if you have any suggestions for content for the website. 

Photos from gallery Bob 2010. (click here for other galleries)